PeeJays GL Basic Tutorials


I took it upon myself to write a total newbie's guide to game development in GL Basic, and to make this tutorial publically available. It is designed for complete novices to the world of programming - those that have programmed before will find it is far too simple for them.

The tutorial is spilt into 13 "lessons" that cover player movement, enemies, firing, scrolling backgrounds, collision detection, animation, music and sounds, game design, good programming technique and many other facets of programming and writing a game.

Since this tutorial is aimed at new coders, I have ensured that it only uses features that are available in the demo version of GL Basic.

If you are totally new to programming, and decide to give GL Basic a try, then feel free to download this, modify it in any way you see fit, but remember the number one rule of programming - HAVE FUN!

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This tutorial came about when a friend mentioned that they would like to see a frogger style game remade, but didn't really know where to start.

Since I already had a similar game in my Blitz50 compilation, I decided I would rewrite it from scratch, expand on it slightly, and make it as easy to follow as I possibly could. However, this is not a total newbies tutorial - if you have not coded before, you would struggle tackling this tutorial - I would wholeheartedly recommend you look at my newbies tutorial first.

The tutorial has been written using GL Basic, but at 800x600, which the demo version doesn't support. However, there is a compiled game included so you can see how it turned out.

I have introduced in this tutorial a number of new features, including player lives (and a graphical representation of the number of lives left), high score (and saving the high score to the hard drive for next time), animated title screen, and a few other bits and bobs.

Do feel free to use any of this code in your own creations, as I am sure you will find some of the routines very useful. Also, please consider buying me a beer through PayPal if this download has been of benefit to you.