This is a remake of the ZX Spectrum game written by Don Priestley in 1983, and published by DK'Tronics. The game was also released on the ZX81 with the slightly different title, Mazogs, and published by Bug-Byte.

This was my first big project in Blitz Basic, and my first remake that was made available to the general public. It was also a welcome return to programming, after spending 10 years without programming at all. As graphics are not my strongest ability, I have to thank Ric of Cheeky Monkey Games for his valuable input in this area, and for doing most of the graphics within the game.





* 2 distinct games - Maziacs PC and Maziacs PJ *

* 800 x 600 gamescreen with huge sprites *

* Easily changed tilesets - many included *

* A showcase for the graphical talents of Ric Lumb *

* Smooth map scrolling around player *

* Fully randomised maze generation *

* 5 difficulty levels reaching HUGE map sizes *

* Race against the clock while trying to survive! *

* Updated and retro graphics included *

* All new sounds and background music *

* Support for keyboard AND joystick *

* High score support (fastest time) *

* Cheat mode (if you can find it!) *



Original ZX-81 and ZX Spectrum versions


Windows version