This is a remake of a ZX Spectrum game of the same name, written by myself, but never published (so chances are, you won't have played it before!) To the best of my knowledge, even today it is still a 100% original idea, combining some of the best elements of Tetris and jigsaws to create an addictive game that leaves you wanting to complete "just one more level!"

The game itself is mouse driven, and is easy to play, but infuriatingly difficult to master. Quick thinking is required along with spacial awareness to find that missing piece you so desperately want before the timer runs out. This game has now been released as FREEWARE - that's right, you can now download the full monty, and it won't cost you a single penny.





* 50 challenging levels *

* Password level skip *

* Different backdrops for each level *

* Hi fidelity background music *

* Mouse driven *

* Addictive gameplay *

* Learn spacial awareness as you play *

* Completely original puzzle game *