Green mohicans. Glam Rock. British Leyland. Ronco Record Cleaners. Crossroads. Okay, so the seventies gave us some real clangers. Not just slightly embarrassing stuff, but memories that make you cringe.

But it wasn't all bad. Oh no, not by a long chalk. After all, without the seventies, we wouldn't have had Space Invaders. Or Asteroids. Which may have led us growing up to be normal, well adjusted people, rather than the slightly bizarre inviduals we have turned into. And blowing rocks up in space was infinitely more satisfying than picking a new shade of apple for our barnet.

Three decades later, and games that now require a PhD to be able to play them. Not GWAN though. Oh no - here we are, back to a time when games were meant to be fun, right up to where you got an alien in the face. Just like back then, though, you had no-one to blame but yourself.

Why would anyone call a game GWAN? Beer helped. A lot. What else could you name a Game Without A Name? Ah, I guess now it is a Game With A Name. Or a paradox. Yeah, let's go with that - they were all the rage in the seventies too, thanks to James T Kirk.

GWAN has been described as everything from "The best arcade game I never played" to "Where did that blue b*****d come from?" Though he could have been talking about Papa Smurf. Like I said, beer helped.

So, what is GWAN? Aliens. They don't shoot though - they don't need to! Oh, and rings. For flying through. I mean, what else would you possibly want to do with a ring?

Games don't come simpler than GWAN. Pick a colour, and shoot. Even Bramley Apple Green. And not a mohican in sight.





* Completely original coin op styled game *

* Ambient arcade background sounds *

* Fast particle explosions *

* Two different game difficulties *

* Bonus survival and annihilation rounds *