Following on from the success of Fred, our hero returns in this platform game. The original game was massively underrated, in my opinion, and I am hoping this remake will go some way to redress the balance. My only criticism of the original game is that is tended to be a little slow - this has been addressed, so be prepared for some high speed platform action!

In order to keep continuity between Fred and Pyramania, the same baddies are here (although the bats have been redrawn in order to fit in with the new graphic size) and the overall style of the game, from the opening menu to the death sequence has been faithfully reproduced. This is arguably my most challenging action game yet (and I am not reknowned for coding easy games!) so only the very best will manage to complete it.

So, why not download the game and see whether you have what it takes? Control is with the left and right cursor keys, and space or the left ctrl key to jump. Esc will return you to windows. Good luck (you'll need a lot of it!)





* Fantastic graphics from Ric Lumb *

* 800 x 600 gamescreen with huge sprites *

* 31 rooms - each a different challenge *

* Race against the clock before your air expires *

* All new sounds and background music *

* A modern remake of an underrated platformer *

* High level of difficulty - but possible! *

* Particle explosions *

* Sequel to the incredibly successful "Fred" *

* Heiroglyph clues, and a hidden surprise *

* Rooms now named (spot the tie-ins!) *



Original ZX Spectrum version

Windows version