This is a remake of the ZX Spectrum game released by Quicksilva (or Indescomp.) It also appeared on the Commodore 64, and also on the Amstrad CPC, but was renamed to "Roland on the Ropes" for no obvious reason. It has taken about 18 months to come to fruition, due to losing everything through a hard drive crash, apathy towards the game itself, and learning a new job. In the end, though, I decided it was time to just get stuck in and get it finished.

This game features use of Patrick Lester's excellent Extended Blitz 2D library, and as such does require a 3D card. I have also had assistance from Ric for graphics, and GeeKay for a thumping soundtrack (thanks guys!) I have designed the game to be 100% faithful to the Spectrum version as far as gameplay and difficulty, but as you can see from the screenshots, the graphics have been updated more than a little! The more observant of you may have also noticed that Fred has become a frog - this was the ex partner's idea - and I went along with it (anything for a quiet life). I did manage to come up with a storyline for it, but you'll have to download it to find out why a frog is in an Egyptian burial chamber!





* Smoothly scrolling random maze *

* Huge sprites, with assistance from Ric Lumb *

* 3 Soundtracks, with assistance from GeeKay *

* Parallax scrolling on tomb walls *

* Semi transparent ghosts *

* Atmospheric lighting from the flickering torches *

* 6 different enemies, each one a different challenge *

* Randomised maze blocks increase realism *

* Amazingly fast particle explosion *

* Arguably the best Fred remake out there! *

* Support for keyboard AND joystick *

* High score support *

* Cheat mode (if you can find it!) *



Original ZX Spectrum version


Windows version