Since vanilla Blitz Basic (and Blitz 3D) really have reached the end of their useable lives, it was time for me to look at changing development tools. Whilst the obvious candidate would have been BlitzMax, at the moment I was weighing up my options, along came GL Basic with a coding competition. As a break from the norm, though, this was to write a game that would run on the GamePark F100 and F200 (with touchscreen) handheld consoles.

I decided this would be an ideal opportunity to learn a new language, and opted for this click graphical adventure I loved from my childhood. I also decided that I would program the game in such a way that it would work as happily on a desktop PC as it would the handheld devices, with a view to releasing a Linux version, as well as Windows.

Just like in the original cartoons, much of the humour is aimed at an adult audience, while the adventure itself is simple enough for a child to complete.





* Switching resolutions according to platform *

* Mouse / keys / touchscreen compatible according to platform *

* Complete overhaul of graphics *

* Soundtrack from original cartoon series *

* Appeals to young and old alike *



Original ZX Spectrum version


Windows version

GamePark version