It had to happen eventually. It was inevitable. Some things in life are unpredictable, and seemingly random, but this - well, this you could see coming from a mile off.

What am I babbling about? Well, as the first winner of the Retro Remakes wooden spoon prize for the worst remake (deliberately made that way, I might add - an accolade poured onto Ground Attack Enhanced) it was only fitting that I should remake the Cascade Cassette50.

This was "50 Fantastic Games on One Cassette" and sold for less than a tenner. Less than 20p a game! But oh dear, the games were beyond awful. They would have been overpriced at less than 2p a game!

Since I had no intention of playing through 50 piles of turd to do a true remake, this is my version of 50 dire games, including true remakes of the first two games I ever wrote on the speccy, in the form of Parachute and Grand Prix.

I'm afraid some of the games do have an ounce of playability in them, which is more than can be said for any of the Cassette50 offerings. It just goes to show that even when I am trying, I cannot sink low enough to code to Cascade Cassette50 standards (which is quite a relief!)





* 800x600 gameplay area *

* Fifty games in one download *

* Menu driven interface *

* Hidden extra game (51) *

* Subtle background music *

* 56K friendly filesize *

* An eclectic mix of game types *



Original ZX Spectrum version


Windows version