During the ZX Spectrums infancy, a software house known as "Bug-Byte" released some of the most influential games of all time, including, of course, Manic Miner. The list of titles they published was as impressive as it was varied, and this game was no exception. Combining elements of defender with the inertia type movement of asteroids, along with a stunning rendition of Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee, while having no-one other than the mighty Matthew Smith doing the graphics, it was almost guaranteed to be a hit.

This remake is based on the original, but is aimed primarily at children, so I have concentrated on producing large, colourful, highly animated sprites. My daughter certainly loves it, with shouts of "Daddy, it's an airplane" and "there's a teddy bear!" Well, I guess the only way you'll know whether you like it is to download it and have a go!





* Massive 1024x768 gameplay area *

* Large, cartoon style graphics *

* Updated wildlife, each with its own characteristics *

* Seven layers of parallax scrolling *

* Four different soundtracks *

* Fading transition between screens *

* Realistic flying physics and inertia *

* Easy to play, difficult to master *

* Support for keyboard AND joystick *

* Hidden cheat mode *



Original ZX Spectrum version


Windows version