Early in the companies career, Imagine Software released Arcadia for either the 16K or 48K Spectrum. It was guaranteed success for the title - a shoot-em-up with 12 different alien types, large, colourful animated graphics, particle explosions (or as well as the humble speccy could cope with!) and great sound effects - and all this squeezed into 16K! Personally I think it was one of Imagine's best titles ever released - as their games got more depth and complexity, they tended to lose the desire to "just have a quick blast".

This remake tries to capture the spirit of the original game, keeping the same wave formations of aliens, but with the difficulty level tweaked to provide a little more challenge for the modern age. The graphics have been totally overhauled - the original game had some quite ornate graphics mixed in with some very uninspiring ones. It also gave me the chance to experiment with particle explosions, which I think work very well in this game. Why not download it, and try out an alternative perspective on Space Invaders?

Update: On some machines, the particle engine caused slowdown making the game considerably less enjoyable - unfortunately I was not able to detect this since it did not affect my machine. The particle engine has now been rewritten to overcome this, but for some unknown reason it has crashed on one Windows 98 machine. Rather than spend too much time chasing around trying to overcome a glitch in some obscure video driver, I have opted to include the original release in the zip file as well as the new updated version, so at least now 99.9% of people should be able to enjoy Arcadia TPE as it was meant to be played!





* Space backdrop with 4 layers of parallax scrolling *

* 12 different aliens, with different movement patterns *

* Ultra fast particle explosion engine *

* Particle trails behind rocket thrusters *

* Multiple speed alien bombs *

* Inertia settings on player ship *

* Choice of updated or retro style graphics *

* Thumping soundtracks *

* Support for keyboard AND joystick *

* Full featured high score table *

* Hidden cheat mode *



Original ZX Spectrum version


Windows version