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Registering a game? Making a donation? Giving feedback?

Writing games takes a lot of time, and considerable effort, as well as the financial costs of buying software and administering a website to make it all possible. Whilst I am happy just to share my hobby with you, if you want to buy me a beer for the work I have put it, I certainly wouldn't stand in your way!

In fact, why not email me at the address below? I will send you a PayPal link to make it as easy as possible. Donationware means exactly that - you simply make a donation, big or small, and apart from helping me out, you will also get a warm feeling inside knowing that you're supporting the effort of a hobbyist programmer.

Of course, perhaps you just want to give some feedback, or report a bug you have found. Whatever reason you need to contact me, you can do so by emailing me at